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СИНЦЕРИТАС ДОО е фармацевтска компанија, чиј фокус на работење е култивирање и производство на канабис за медицинска намена. 

Работните практики и политики се усогласени со највисоките локални и европски стандарди во фармацевтската индуствија со цел производство на масло од канабис со висока чистота и различни концентрации на CBD И THC.


Our goal is to cultivate and process pharmaceutical-grade cannabis plants into medicinal products that will improve health, provide relief and offer healing to patients. Offering bespoke solutions for a number of medical needs, it is our aim to ensure that we meet our clients’ unique individual requests by tailor-making each product.

Using industry standard practices in agricultural and pharmaceutical techniques aided by experienced science professionals, we are focused on manufacturing high-quality medicinal cannabis products in a consistent and reliable way. Each product is developed to retain all the essential components of the plant to ensure that they can be used to maximise the medicinal effect, particularly in patients with rare and difficult-to-treat conditions. Through ongoing scientific research and development, we aim to unlock the full therapeutic potential of cannabis, opening the door to new and revolutionary medical treatments.

Запознај го работодавачот

Our state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped for indoor cultivation of the cannabis plant. The processes from growing to harvesting, extraction and warehousing are performed in highly controlled conditions – temperature, light, humidity and ventilation (HVAC), all controlled by cutting edge technology for consistency and quality.


Ул. Никола Клусев бр.11, 1000 Скопје
Град: Скопје
Даночен број: MK4057017539198
Матичен број:
Телефон: (+389) 2 31 66 200
Емаил: info@sinceritas.eu 
Веб адреса: https://www.sinceritas.eu/
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